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ANNIE at the Hollywood Bowl

All About ANNIE

ANNIE at the Hollywood Bowl: Event
Kaylin Hedges performs in Annie Annie at

Broadway world review

"with newcomer Kaylin Hedges as Annie, who won the role over hundreds of other young girls from across the country who submitted video auditions to win role. Miss Hedges is the cornerstone of the production and her soaring, pitch-perfect voice and effervescent stage presence setting the jubilant tone for the entire ensemble."- Shari Barrett 

Kaylin Hedges performs in Annie Annie at

Annie Review 

"Right smack in the center is winsome newcomer Hedges, who plays the title role of Annie, the smart and unapologetically optimistic orphan who, out of sheer industriousness and luck, wins a two-week holiday stay at the palatial home of one of the world's richest bachelors. Hedges is terrific, arming her performance with such infectious glee, palpable confidence, and impressive vocal chops. The 10-year-old often finds herself going toe-to-toe with plenty of stage vets, yet holds her own and manages to be a lovable presence with every appearance.

Her version of "Tomorrow?" Just lovely." -Michael Quintos

Kaylin Hedges  and cast perform in Annie


"The Annie chosen was 10-year-old Kaylin Hedges of suburban New York, who has been acting since age 6 and performed the role last year with a professional company in New York’s Westchester County.

Her voice was like the sunshine promised in “Tomorrow,” the show’s most famous song. Pure and powerful, it rang across the hillside, pinging especially nicely on long-held high notes." -DARYL H. MILLER

Kaylin Hedges performs in Annie Annie at


"Leading the incredible pack was Kaylin Hedges as Annie, a young prodigy who exceeds her years with a voice that is not only powerful, but expressive in its tonality. From tender songs like “Maybe,” in which she sings to Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja’s Molly – who is astoundingly adorable – to her positive spirit shining through in “Tomorrow,” Hedges has the confidence of a veteran Broadway star. In addition, as a result of Hedges’ convincingly heartfelt acting, we sensed her character’s yearning to escape the orphanage as we became acquainted with the chosen girl, who meets her precious Sandy (played by a gorgeous dog named Macy), and embarks on a future destined to far surpass her harsh beginnings."- IMAAN JALALI

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